Lesson Record


Unit 9: In today’s lesson we practiced inviting people to social events. Good job telling the person about your plan and then asking them if they want to come. After that you practiced accepting or declining invitations. If you decline an invitation, make sure you give a reason!





Unit 12: Today we practiced talking about things we like and don’t like. Good job telling me about movies and other things you like, and how much you like them (or don’t like them). You also gave a short comment about it!



Unit 6: Today we practiced some shopping language! Good job asking me different questions to tell me what you need. You did well asking some “Can I” and “Can you” questions!

Unit 12: In our lesson we practiced describing people’s hair and clothes. Good job looking at all the different people and telling me about what they are wearing. Remember that the pattern for hair is style+color+hair and for clothes it’s color+pattern.

Unit 13: Today we practiced talking about travel experiences. You told me about the place you’ve been and haven’t been and also talked about the things you’ve done! You did great!


Unit 5: Today we practiced accepting and declining invitations. Good job using both the casual phrases and formal phrases to respond. Don’t forget to give a reason if you’re declining!

Unit 8:In today’s lesson we practice answering the telephone. Good job using different phrases depending if you are answering casually or formally. You also practiced some phrases that you can use in some situations, like if someone calls you accidentally with the wrong number, or if the connection is bad.

Unit 9: In lesson 9 we practiced calling a place to make an appointment. Good job introducing yourself and saying what you need. You were also able to tell me what days are good for you and you gave me your personal information!

Unit 26: Today we practiced talking about our responsibilities. Good job telling me about the tasks you do at work, and also about your dream job!




Unit 4: Today we practiced listening to directions, and also giving directions. Giving directions is very challenging! Don’t worry if you don’t always use all the phrases. You can choose to use just your favorite places. But it’s very important to understand them!

Unit 5: Today we practiced saying if we want to eat some food or not. Good job using the positive phrases! We also practiced giving a reason if we don’t want to eat a dish. You also did very well in telling me about the exceptions to the food that you like!

Unit 11: Today we practiced talking about technology and how people’s lives have changed because of it. Good job comparing stuff from our childhood to the stuff today, and how the way we use them have changed!



Unit 29: Today we practiced talking about feelings! You did well telling me how you would feel in the different situations in the book. Many people feel very excited when they are traveling!


Unit 11: Today we practiced talking about different places and describing them. We used words that describe natural formations like mountains, beaches, etc. You did well describing the different places to me!